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2008 Vintage Release
Welcome to WineBoy! Admittedly, it’s been a little while since the last time I wrote to you. So I decided to take a quick article just to catch you up on the happenings of Patland Estate Vineyards. On Sunday, October 2nd, we held our annual Release Party at Terra del Cuorre. This year’s release was of the 2008 vintages, varietals including our Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Proprietary Red. For those of you that attended, you already know it was a huge success. For the rest of you, we only hope you’re available to join in the festivities next year. But just to give you a taste, here’s a brief re-cap (from my perspective of course):

For those of you that know me, you’re probably aware that I’m attending Santa Clara University. So it goes without question that I had to bring some friends with me to such a momentous event. After a long night of “revelry” on Saturday,  I recall waking up Sunday morning to an obnoxious, piercing, stream of sunlight crossing my bed. In my dazed state, I wandered out to the balcony. After an excruciating few minutes, my vision finally adjusted and I was able to fully realize the beautiful day that lied before me. I proceeded to wake my friends and bring them up to the main house for breakfast. They didn’t make it much past the pool. Astounded by the view, the three of them simply sat and looked.

The four of us were quickly lost in Napa’s panorama, as the hills seemed to roll out boundlessly. We snapped out of our trance when we heard the first car driving up the mountain. After the arrival of that first couple, the party just grew. As the people seemed to multiply, the music played louder. Sounds of the Gypsy Kings and Frank Sinatra flooded the vineyard. Everyone comfortably toured the property, wine in hand. But of course the wine couldn’t be drunk alone. Head-Chef at Brandon’s Restaurant, Philippe Reynaud, created a delectable assortment of wood-fire pizzas, complemented by bacon-wrapped prunes. All together, it was quite the delicious experience.

I have a belief that the wine culture is not simply about wine. In fact, it is the intricate interplay of people, wine, food, atmosphere, music, art, and so on. There is no place more in tune with the wine culture than Patland Estate Vineyards.

Thanks for Reading!
Post By:   Henry Patland


philippe raynaud - 10/18/2011
it was a beautiful and thank you.

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