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The Wine Culture
Welcome to WineBoy! In my last article, I spent a good deal of space simply describing the aesthetic beauty of Patland Estate Vineyards. Hopefully I was able to communicate at least a small part of the unique atmosphere we possess. In my closing, I mentioned something called the wine culture. I called it “the intricate interplay of people, wine, food, atmosphere, music, and art.” Fascinated by all this, I decided to further examine the subject through one of my final papers this quarter; the objective of which was to analyze the role of wine in the changing global community. Below is the introduction, which I hope will spark your interest, and maybe even raise some questions about wine and its relation to the changing world.

Times are changing, the world is growing, people are adapting, and soon our generation will be lost. The youth of today are growing up in a fast-paced, ever-changing society. The world is being shaped by a superficial community of pop-culture and much of what is considered “in” today contributes to the devolution of the global community. On a daily basis, we take our queues from technology and an ambiguous cloud of social media. Yet, there was a time when people were not consumed by the media spot-light. People used to be able to slow down in a day and admire the nuances of life. They could appreciate what is so commonly taken for granted in our day to day lives. A large number of those people belonged to what is called the “wine culture.” The wine culture dates back to Old World Wine, the period in time when wine had just begun in early Europe and even ancient Greece. Since then, wine has long been associated with intellectualism, considered a catalyst for discovery. In a world of gourmet food, fine weather, and quality company, wine has served as the inspiration for literature, music, visual arts, and much more. It is difficult to say now whether the wine culture is growing or dying. On one hand, wine has been eclipsed by a generation of binge-drinking. On the other, the New Wine World is booming. Throughout the major wine regions, from France to the Napa Valley, wine is a delicacy that continues to thrive, especially as new wine markets begin to open in global consumer giants, such as China and India. Regardless, it is critical that the life-style and art that is wine continues to grow. It is our responsibility to preserve the wine culture and acknowledge its major contributions to the global society, ranging from its inspiration of creative pursuits to its unification of the modern community.

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Post By:   Henry Patland
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