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Welcome to WineBoy!
My real name is Michael Patland and this is the inaugural post of my blog. The focus of this forum will be to report and educate the public, especially fans of Patland Estate Vineyards, on wine via my own experiences and personal tastes. My hope is that my readers will find this to be both entertaining and enlightening, as well as possessing a fresh flair and young perspective on the world of wine.

Now, my first thought when deciding to take on this endeavor was, “who could find the opinions of ‘WineBoy’ credible?” The reason I can guarantee the validity of my ideas is, plain and simply, few people have been lucky enough to grow up with the same exposure to the wine world as myself. Just to offer a taste of my background, my family purchased a winery in 2007, Patland Estate Vineyards. That year I made my entry into the wine community with my own design for our family’s wine labels. Since then, the reputation of our “boutique winery” has sky-rocketed, and I’ve been there every step of the way.

To count another blessing, I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from such experts as Jay Bounacristiani and Jack Daniels. Jay is the head-winemaker for Patland Estate Vineyards, as well as his own family’s production. Not to mention, former head-winemaker at Hess Collection. Currently he is in charge of producing our Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Proprietary Red Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and possibly a Malbec in the near future! Jack Daniels on the other hand, the same man we purchased the Terra del Cuorre property from, was a partner at the prestigious Wilson & Daniels wine import and export. This makes him not only an expert on the wine community of my local Napa, but also of wine countries around the world. Thus far it’s been a pleasure learning from such connoisseurs, and I hope to meet many more.

Lastly, anyone who’s known me long enough knows I have a reputation for traveling. So I pride myself on having visited some of the most prominent wine-countries in the world. I’ve sat in Argentina before the snow-capped Andes tasting fine Malbecs. I’ve stood before the Sydney Opera House enjoying the native wines of the “land down under.” I’ve even traveled across the various wine regions of France, experiencing the Grand Cru of Bordeaux and the Champagnes of Champaigne. But this is only the beginning, because I’m only a wineboy.

Hopefully that introduction was sufficient, and now I’d like to give you a heads up on what’s coming. Presently I’m touring the Bordeaux region of France with my family. We have plans to visit a variety of wineries here, both for exclusive tours and private tastings. After each one I’ll be posting my reviews for you to see.

Thanks for Reading!
Post By:   Wine Boy


Henry - 08/16/2011
Great start Wine Boy!

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