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Shifting Into High Gear!
Welcome to WineBoy! Patland Estate Vineyards began as the result of one man’s dream. Since then, it has grown into one of the most exclusive, high-end boutique wineries in the Napa Valley. It has been placed on the fast track to success--quite literally. Early last month, we held the first of what will be our annual Ferrari event. We couldn’t ask for a better kick-off, as we hosted the Ferrari Owners Group of California for a day at Terra del Cuore. The day began when we heard the low humming of roughly thirty Ferraris ascending the mountain. As they drove through the front gates we went out to greet our guests and waited in awe while they parked their rockets. It was no coincidence, I believe, that all the red cars and all the silver cars stuck together. After that, you could tell everyone was ready to move on from the driving portion to the drinking portion of the day.

With the Ferrari flag waving high in the sky--most people thought that was a nice touch--everyone gathered by the main house to indulge in majestic wines and the delicious signature pizzas of Chef Philippe Reynaud. In addition to his usual assortment of Parmesan Chicken, Manchego Pear, and Sautéed Caramelized Onions with Cherry Reduction, he also added a Peach flavor to the mix that complimented our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc beyond compare. With glasses full and bellies satisfied, all the racers made their way down to the shooting range for some real fun! There were a few expert marksmen in the crowd, but I think it was the proprietor to take the cake with his patented “Twist and Shout” shot. It really is a sight to see! And as the day cooled down and the engines warmed up, the day sped off as quickly as it had arrived. It was the start of something beautiful, as we forged new friendships over our mutual love of wine and fast cars. What could be better?

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Post By:   Henry Patland
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