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Terra del Cuore ~ Land of the Heart

There is a place of vines and grapes,
O’er which the sun light dawns and drapes
Where all the valley glows in green
And all the fruits of life I glean.

Where cloudless skies do paint the ground
And creeks do flow with calming sound,
On beds of grass I do recline.
I sit, relax, and sip my wine.

The scent of leaves and lemon zest
And taste of timboon brie I test.
The chirping songs that morning brings,
The soulful song the cherub sings.

My worries fade for beauty bade
And thus my being in quiet bathe.
In perfect light I live and dine.
I sit, relax, and sip my wine.

The Land of Love does call my name,
To soon be lost in waves of fame.
My future swims atop the hills;
It waits and sifts through many gills.

Because alone my world I’ll lose,
I hear the song of every muse
And one to me her name will sign,
Then sit with me and sip my wine.

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Post By:   Henry Patland
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