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Stagecoach Vineyard

The Krupp family started developing Stagecoach Vineyard in 1995 with the help of a few longtime friends. With over 500 acres planted, it is the largest contiguous mountain planting in the Napa Valley. Stretching from the westernmost regions of Atlas Peak all the way to the east overlooking Oakville, this 1,200+ acres of rocky, volcanic terroir graces the southern edge of Pritchard Hill.

Dr. Jan Krupp's task was labeled initially by local experts as insurmountable but soon after planting began many of Napa's most successful wineries and winemakers lined up to buy fruit from Stagecoach. Today over 50 wineries craft incredible wines from the doctor's endeavors. These vintners are continually impressed with the character and complexity found in our mountain grapes.
Settlers in the 1800s were the first to learn about the well-drained soils and perfect growing conditions found on our hill. Each harvest they would haul their crop by horse and wagon down into Oakville fetching the highest prices in the valley. By the early 1900s the increased deer population resulted in extensive crop loss leading to the abandonment of all viticulture on the hill by Prohibition.

Reclaimed from chaparral and sagebrush, over a half million tons of rock excavated, and water found where no geologist could divine, modern day Stagecoach Vineyard is truly a gem in the rough.

Terra Del Cuore Vineyard

“Terra del Cuore” is Italian for “Land of the Heart,” the place where one’s deepest longings lie. In Napa, it is the name of a trio of Tuscan-style houses that sit amongst the vines high above the valley in one of the finest meetings of nature and man’s artistry in all of California.

It begins with the surrounding rugged mountain landscape, whose rocky peaks rise like the walls of an Incan fortress, swathed in chaparral, oaks, manzanitas and succulents. The view is one of Wine Country’s grandest, sweeping miles across southern Napa Valley to San Pablo Bay and Mt. Diablo.
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