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Michael Patland
September 21, 2018 | Michael Patland

Time to Pop the Cork on This One!

We have a lot to celebrate right about now! First, we have officially bottled and released our first ever Patland sparkling wine! Some of you may have already gotten wind of this project being in the works, but not many people know what inspired us to make this wine…

We have a new motto in our family. “Bubbles Save Lives.” This harkens back to the fires of late 2017. The day those fires began, Henry and Olga Patland went to meet some friends on a boat to watch the Blue Angels. When they arrived at the boat, they realized they were the first ones there. Henry called his friends and they told him, “We’re running a bit late, but go ahead and get the party started. There’s bubbles in the mini-fridge.” Well sparkling wine is just about Olga’s favorite thing to drink in the world, so she did just as she was told.

That evening Henry and Olga were meant to join their friends for dinner, but Olga—having slightly overindulged—told Henry, “Unless you want me to embarrass you at dinner tonight, take me home so I can take a nap.”

Instead of driving to their home in Los Gatos, they drove up to Napa to visit their son Michael who was living at the family’s estate. Olga immediately went to take a nap, and Henry went to see if he could convince Michael to join him for dinner. Michael said he would go if Olga came too, and luckily it’s difficult for a mother to reject a son’s request, so they all went out to dinner together. On the drive home afterward is when they first saw the fire burning down the ridgeline. Upon reflecting on this night later on, they realized that if Olga had not drank just a little too much sparkling, at least one of them may not still be here.

So to celebrate life and the perseverance of those that continue to endure, we as a family decided to make a sparkling wine that would commemorate that night. We hope that when you drink it, you too drink to celebrate all the blessings in your life—big or small.


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