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March 23, 2020 | Patland Estate Vineyards

2017 Proprietary Red with Michael Patland

In 2007, Henry and Olga purchased a vineyard property called Terra Del Cuore. A few of you may have been lucky enough to see it, but most have not. It was a sublime 40-acre property that featured three main buildings. Those buildings were complimented by rows of vines that sprawled across the property. All together, those vineyards made up less than three acres, but due to the retaining walls used in building the terraced vineyard, it may easily be one of the most expensive vineyards in Napa Valley.

Originally the vineyard was planted to three grape varieties: Syrah, Merlot and Sangiovese. The man who originally built the property had a taste for old world wine, having done much of his business in France and Italy. However, when Henry Patland tried the wine, he realized it was markedly different from the classic Napa Valley style that he had so come to love. 

With time the enemy at his back, Henry was forced to use the fruit from the property in his first vintage. So the 2007 Proprietary Red was comprised of Syrah, Merlot and Sangiovese.

When the Patland Winemaker, Jay Buoncristiani, was asked what to do with that vineyard, Jay said, "Graft everything to Malbec." 

So we did. Every year since, the Proprietary Red wine has been a blend of Malbec from the estate, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from Stagecoach Vineyard.

Every year some detail of this changes, but this is the basic framework to which this wine must always adhere.

In the Ten Year Anniversary vintage, 2017, a little bit of Petite Verdot was added into the blend. A few new vineyards were used in the sourcing of fruit as well. The most important factor though--we would argue--stayed the same. Jay is still the winemaker, and as in years past, has brought his singularly incredible skill of wine blending to the table with this wine.

It is ripe, intense and concentrated. It is balanced and structured. It strikes the perfect balance of a wine that can impress now, and one that will reward patient aging. 

If you've had our wines before, then simply take our word for it--this is some of the best juice we've ever put out. If you have NOT tried our wines before, then we heavily suggest you allow this wine to be your first forray. 


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Patland Estate Vineyards

2017 Malbec with Jay Buoncristiani

If you were to ask us what our flagship wine is, our official answer would be Cabernet Sauvignon. Those in the know, however, might think Malbec...

When we began producing wine in 2007, we were laser focused on Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. We were lucky enough to be getting phenomenal fruit from the highly acclaimed Stagecoach Vineyard. And yet, we also had our own little vineyard. Sitting high atop the mountains, adorning our family's estate, was the Terra Del Cuore vineyard. When we asked our winemaker what we should plant there, he said Malbec...?

Yes, Malbec. Jay spoke about it almost like it would be his secret weapon. Ten vintages later, it's safe to say it was!

At first, he was only using it as a blending component in our Cabernet Sauvignon and Proprietary Red Wine. One day, he asked the family to come together to taste a few blends he'd been working on. He explained to us what the first couple were, but refused to explain the third blend. We tried it and immediately fell in love. Nearly begging to know what it was, Jay finally had pity on us and told us it was 100% Malbec from our estate.

Until then, we had not encountered that caliber of Malbec in the Napa Valley. After tasting the wine though, it was clear to us that we needed to start producing a Malbec.

Now and then a little something would sneak into the blend, maybe a little Cabernet Sauvignon or a little Stagecoach Malbec. However, the 2017 vintage is uniquely its own beast because it is almost entirely Stagecoach fruit! This bold, structured wine is the perfect symbol of what great mountain fruit can become in the Napa Valley. 


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Patland Estate Vineyards
February 17, 2020 | Patland Estate Vineyards

2017 Syrah with Natalie Kelly

Those of you who have been with Patland Estate Vineyards since the beginning may recall that when we began in 2007, we were producing three wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and a Proprietary Red Blend. 

When we began, we had no idea what sort of journey lied ahead of us. The years have been filled with great triumphs and great trajedies, and amidst it all, we have to take a moment to appreciate this milestone. Ten years in the Napa Valley, and ten years making this wine!

If you're wondering what to expect from this wine, a cozy night by the fire sums it up. Yes! It's strange to describe a wine as cozy, but this one really does have all those warm winter spice aromas that you can't help but associate with cozy winter nights. 

It smells of gingerbread and nutmeg, allspice and fresh cracked black pepper, and even Chinese five spice. Below that, aromas of stewed blackberry and freshly picked black currants.

On the palate this all melds together to be an ultra-ripe, fruit forward wine accented with flavors of brown sugar and molasses. All these smells and tastes swirl together to take you back to the coziest parts of the winter holidays!

If you're among the lucky few that have a bottle or two of our innaugural vintage tucked away, we highly suggest trying the two wines side-by-side. What better way to see the evolution of a wine than to compare it against it's ten years younger brother? Enjoy!


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Patland Estate Vineyards
February 2, 2020 | Patland Estate Vineyards

Our Recipe for a Perfect Evening!

Whether you've been together for decades or just a couple years, a romantic night away is an absolute must once in a while.

Now we hope you're not waiting all year for Valentine's Day to roll around, but since February is the month of love, we thought we'd put together a little guide for what we consider a pretty perfect evening. The soft glow of flickering candlelight, the rich taste of decadent chocolate, and the washing away of inhibitions by delicious wine! 

Sounds good, right? Well here's what you need.

One Patland Candle

For years, we've had empty Patland bottles piling up at the winery. Finally, we partnered with a local candlemaker to start turning those fallen soldiers into stunning centerpieces! Coming in a variety of aromas--and wine bottles--these are the perfect way to set the mood. 

Set them on the dinner table, on the mantle, or even by the tub. Let that soft light wind you down.


A Box of Chocolate Truffles

Now this is a classic pairing we're sure you've tried. Rich decadent chocolate with bold Napa Valley wine--what could be better? Well, what if that chocolate was actually made *with* wine? Yes, that's a thing. We actually partnered with a local confectionary to make these gorgeous chocolate truffles with our very own Proprietary Red Wine. That means you can find the nuanced flavor of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec all in these little bites of joy. 


Several Glasses of Liquid Gold

There are plenty of ways to pair food and wine, but when it comes to chocolate at the end of a long day, we like to go sweet with sweet. That's why we always suggest a few glasses of Patland Port to go with those chocolate truffles. 

The funny thing is, when Henry and Olga founded Patland Estate Vineyards, they had absolutely no intention of ever producing a dessert wine! Neither of them really had much of a sweet-tooth...

Several years after the winery got started though, the couple went on holiday to Portugal, where they were exposed to all sorts of delcious Port wines! One thing they learned was: Just because it's a dessert wine, doesn't mean it has to be cloyingly sweet. So many of the wines they tried were actually balanced and well-rounded. So upon their return to wine country, they charged Winemaker Jay Buoncristiani with the task of creating an equally balanced Port-style wine in Napa Valley.

The result was a wine of elegance and complexity. Made entirely from Petite Syrah fruit, this wine is full of flavors of baker's chocolate, blueberry pie, brandied cherries, orange marmalade and fig compote. It really is all those guilty pleasures wrapped into one wine. 

So if all this sounds as good to you as it does to us, then hop on over to our Wine Store and grab a Perfect Evening bundle. That's right, we put all these wonderful items together for you. You're just a few clicks away from the Perfect Evening. ❤️


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Michael Patland
January 17, 2020 | Michael Patland

Three Reasons Why We Love Our Club Members

We have been on this wonderful winemaking journey since 2007, and it has been nothing short of an exhilarating adventure. None of it would be possible without our loyal club members and for that, we think they deserve a little time in the Patland spotlight.

They Know How to Have a Great Time

Wine and life are meant to be shared, and that’s exactly what we intended for when we first founded Patland Estate Vineyards. There are many ways that our members share the love of life and wine in the same way we do. Whether it be our release parties, wine cruises, complimentary tastings, and so much more, our members have proven they don’t mess around when it comes to having fun. We have made so many great memories over the years, and we cherish each and every one of them as we look forward to what’s ahead.

They Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

For some, this phrase refers to items of luxury and elegance while others prefer to consider the finer things as objects or moments we take for granted. For us, it’s both, and we know our members feel the same way. Through our handcrafted wine and cigars and our love of travel and fine dining, we strive to live an unforgettable life. We love that our members have chosen to experience this amazing journey alongside us. More specifically, their support and appreciation for our wines reassure us that we must never waver in our commitment to crafting the highest quality wine possible. We know they would accept nothing less, and neither would we!

They’re Like Family to Us

As a family-run winery, we are directly affected by the loyalty, support, and appreciation that our club members give to us year after year. It helps us continue our passionate endeavors in the wine industry and allows us to keep this winemaking dream a reality. How could they not feel like family! We can’t thank our club members enough for believing in our mission to share our complex, Napa Valley wines with the world, and we feel lucky to have them as part of the Patland Estate Vineyard Family. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Wine Club benefits and joining the Patland Estate family, click here!

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Michael Patland
December 13, 2019 | Michael Patland

‘Tis the Season for Bubbly: 3 Fun Facts About Sparkling Wine

Pop… fizz… pour. Ahhh, the familiar sounds of the holiday season that fill the Patland family home this time of year. There’s just something inherently celebratory about sparkling wine, whether it be the act of popping open a bottle and watching the bubbles overflow or the fizzing sensation in our mouths after each sip, it’s simply made for the most wonderful time of the year. If your holiday gatherings will also be filled with sparkling wine, impress family and friends with these three fun facts about this bubbly phenomenon. This way, you won’t have to try out that fancy knife trick that never goes as planned.

1. A Wonderful Accident

There are many myths surrounding the creation and discovery of this lavish style of wine. Perhaps one of the most well-known of them all is that of the French Benedictine Monk, Dom Pérignon. Sometime in the 1600s, he was making white wine when one series of bottling occurred earlier than usual. He thought the yeast finished converting the sugars to alcohol, but it turns out, low winter temperatures caused the yeasts to go from active to dormant. When warmer springtime temperatures awakened the yeast, they consumed the remaining sugars leaving carbon dioxide in the wake of their hungry stupor. The carbon dioxide was unable to escape the bottle, so the wine eventually absorbed it. When Pérignon came back to check on the wine, he found many corks on the ground that had popped from the bottles. His curiosity led him to try the wine. It is then that he spoke his famous sentence, “Come, I am drinking stars.” 

2. Not One, But Six

Over the years, the method to make sparkling wine has grown from a single accidental method to six. This is largely due to accessibility and modern-day technology. It also just so happens to be the most technical of all wines in the world because it requires two fermentations. The six major methods by which sparkling wines are produced are:

Traditional Method - This is the most appreciated method for sparkling wine production in terms of quality, and at the same time it is also the most costly in terms of production. The most important facet of the traditional method is that the transformation from a still to a sparkling wine occurs entirely inside the bottle.

Tank Method - The tank method came about during the early 20th-century industrial advancements and is the primary process used for Prosecco and Lambrusco wines. The major difference between the tank method and the traditional method is the removal of the individual bottle as the vessel used to turn a still wine into a sparkling one.

Transfer Method - This method is identical to the traditional method except that wines need not be riddled and disgorged in the same manner. Instead, the bottles are emptied into a pressurized tank and sent through pressurized filters to remove the dead yeast bits. Then, the wines are bottled using pressurized fillers. 

Ancestral Method - Similar to its accidental origin, this method of sparkling wine production uses icy temperatures (and filtration) to pause the fermentation mid-way for a period of months and then wines are bottled and the fermentation finishes, trapping the CO2 in the bottle.

Continuous Method - The Russians may have it with the strangest sparkling wine production method yet! The process gets the name from a continual addition of yeast into pressurized tanks, thereby making it possible to increase the total pressure to 5 atmospheres (or as much as most Champagne).

Carbonation - The carbonation method simply takes a still wine and carbonates in a pressurized tank. While it’s possible that this method has benefits, at the moment the only carbonated wines are lower quality bulk wines.

3. Ditch the Flute

You read that right! Although it’s almost impossible to think about sparkling wine without its famous flute counterpart, it’s simply not the best way to enjoy your bubbly. In order to fully enjoy the aromas of each sparkling wine, it’s best to drink it from your typical red wine glass with a wide bowl. This allows you to fit your nose in deep enough to properly smell the wine. However, the modern-day flute was created to help trap the carbonation and make it last a bit longer. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what matters most to you in your sparkling wine experience. If you simply can’t say no to the regality of a flute filled with bubbles, then don’t! 

You’re probably ready to bring out your bubbly side right about now, so head over to our wine shop and grab yourself a bottle, or six, of our Patland sparkling wine and join us in toasting the coming new year!

Bonus: Now through the rest of the year, purchase six bottles or more of our sparkling wine and we'll gift you one of our unique Patland wine candles. Supplies are limited, so don't wait too long!


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Michael Patland
November 7, 2019 | Michael Patland

Our Turn to Give Back

We absolutely love the Fall season. It’s just an undeniably beautiful time of year. The leaves on the grapevines adopt beautiful orange and red colors, and soon the wind picks them off and casts them about decorating everything underfoot.

At the same time, the weather gets a bit cooler. Suddenly you have the perfect excuse to dig out your favorite sweater and cozy up on the couch.

Maybe the best part, though, is the theme of giving that seeps into your every day. Communities remember each other and band together to help those in need. They gather food, donate time and raise money in the hopes of lifting up those that have stumbled or been displaced.

Give Thanks

In 2017, we were those people. Our family winery had been ravaged by the Atlas Fires, and since we were living at the vineyard estate, we lost our home. As the years go by, the trauma of it fades and we’re left remembering the silver linings. Among the brightest of those linings was that theme of giving. Our community, friends, and family all came together in the most selfless ways to help us. Restaurants downtown fed us free of charge. Local church groups bought and donated everything from toilet paper to new pillows. Friends opened their homes for us to sleep in. Nearby wineries offered for us to host our guests on their properties. It was kindness like we had never experienced before.

Giving Back

As we write this now, there’s a faint hint of smoke in the air. It’s been a persistent reminder this week that there are others now facing what we went through just a few years ago and we want to support our community just as they supported us. We are grateful that Napa Valley was largely spared this season, but our friends in Sonoma were not so lucky.

Throughout the month of November, Patland Estate Vineyards will be donating 15% of all online sales to United Way’s Kincade Fire Emergency Relief & Recovery Fund. Please join us in supporting our community and promoting the welfare of California wine country.


Time Posted: Nov 7, 2019 at 10:00 AM
Michael Patland
October 22, 2019 | Michael Patland

Stagecoach Vineyard

When we started out on this wine-filled journey, we made it our top priority to produce wine of the highest possible quality. Indeed, it has always been our intention to create wines that exemplify the rich, beautiful, and harmonious terroir of the Napa Valley. The fruit from the world-renowned Stagecoach Vineyards continues to meet these expectations, and the bottled result speaks volumes to the exceptional quality of the fruit grown from this “extreme terroir.” Year after year, we look for the best fruit to source for our handcrafted wines, and it seems that we can never say no to the unparalleled quality that is Stagecoach Vineyard fruit. Want to know what makes this vineyard so special? Rather than tell you, we’ll show you. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Although we can show and tell you about Stagecoach Vineyard all day long, the only way to truly grasp the many facets of the terroir is through the wines that the fruit produces. Our current wine portfolio offers eight wines made from its fruit:

- 2015 Chardonnay

- 2018 Lilla in Fiore Rosé

- 2016 Syrah

- 2016 Proprietary Red Wine

- 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

- 2016 Select Barrel Reserve Malbec

2016 Select Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

- 2015 Port

So, whether you’ve already fallen in love with these handcrafted wines or you are now eager to give them a try, we encourage you to head over to our online Wine Shop to stock up on our highly sought after Stagecoach Vineyard wines.


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Michael Patland
August 23, 2019 | Michael Patland

Top Three Barbecue Dishes and Red Wine Pairings

Labor Day is right around the corner, and we know you’re dreaming about the delicious barbecue that you’ll soon be enjoying with family and friends for that end-of-summer hurrah. Let’s just say, we’re right there with you! Since we’re in the business of wine, we’re also dreaming about the perfect red wine to pair with those dishes. So, If you’re planning on passing up the cold beer and you’ve had your share of summer whites and Rosés, this read is just for you. Below is a list of our top three favorite Patland red wine and barbecue food pairings.

Pro-Tip - Don’t read if you’re hungry!

2016 Patland Syrah Paired with Swiss Mushroom Burgers

We’re starting with an All-American barbecue classic, because who doesn’t love a good burger recipe? Especially when it’s prepared just right and with ingredients that perfectly complement our 2016 Syrah. This vintage bursts with umami flavors. Do you know what else is full of umami flavors? Mushrooms! The grilled mushroom and onion toppings on this burger recipe balance out the flavors in the wine, ultimately creating a fruitier flavor. Another reason why this pairing is so delightful - the fat content from the meat makes high-tannin wines, like our Syrah, taste smoother. Maybe high fat isn’t so scary after all, in moderation of course. The same can be said for red wine, but who’s keeping track? 

2016 Patland "Select Barrel Reserve" Malbec Paired with Grilled Steak Kebabs

If a burger doesn’t fit the style of your Labor Day party and you’re looking for “finger food” dishes, this pairing is for you. We love kebabs for their versatility and appeal to a larger group of people. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike can enjoy grilled kebabs, depending on the additions, from onions to zucchini to pineapple and more. In the case of our 2016 “Select Barrel Reserve” Malbec, we’re going with a more meaty approach. Grilled steak (especially skirt, flank, and sirloin cuts) and Malbec were destined for each other from the start. Malbec has softer tannins compared to some of its red counterparts, which means it goes well with these leaner cuts of meat. Add some colorful bell peppers and red onion and you’ve got yourself a summer barbeque crowd-pleaser. 

2017 Patland Pinot Noir Paired with Grilled Chicken Salad

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and brighter than what we’ve mentioned above, take note! Typically chilled white wines, such as Chardonnay, pair well with chicken dishes. But, we’ve found that our 2017 Burgundian style Pinot Noir with aromas of earth and black pepper matches well with the smoky flavors that come from a chicken breast that’s been grilled on a barbecue. The beauty of this pairing is that you can barbecue the chicken the night before, chill it overnight, then add it to a salad full of colorful veggies. It’s an easy recipe that will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy that well-deserved get together with family and friends. 

Can’t wait for Labor Day to try these pairings out for yourself? Don’t! Sure, they’ll be perfect for the upcoming three-day weekend, but tonight works, too. Cheers and happy grilling!


Time Posted: Aug 23, 2019 at 9:00 AM
Michael Patland
July 22, 2019 | Michael Patland

A Guide to the Perfect Day in the Napa Valley

©Bob McClenahan

Ah yes, the Napa Valley... Rolling vineyards sprawled out across the valley floor and world-class wineries scattered from Calistoga to Los Carneros. The valley is home to some of the best wines in the world, inspiring people from all over to come, savor and explore this beautiful region. With so many great things to do and see though, planning your trip to wine country can be a little overwhelming. So we took care of some of the planning for you! Here is what we consider to be the perfect day spent in Napa Valley.

Morning Glory at the Archer Hotel

© Leonardo

First of all, you’re going to want to sleep in a bit. After all, you’re on vacation! What better place to snuggle up and outwait the sunrise than the Archer Hotel? Located right in the heart of Downtown Napa, the Archer is the crown jewel of First Street. With every amenity in the book, this is the perfect place to get pampered. Spend some quality time at the spa, lounge by the water deck, or have a cocktail at the Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar. This is the ideal place to start your wine country adventure. 

Bonus: It just so happens that we are an official partner of the Archer Hotel, which means that Patland Club Members receive discounted rates! If you need to pause right now to set up your reservation, we totally understand. 

Fuel up at ABC Bakery

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true when you’re about to spend your afternoon out wine tasting. The good news is that you’re within walking distance of an incredible, local’s favorite breakfast spot. ABC Bakery is home to delicious pastries, dishes, and desserts of all kinds. One dish that they are particularly well-known for is their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, but one of our favorite guilty pleasures is their German Chocolate Cupcake. Regardless of what you choose to fuel up on, there’s a little something for everyone. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running straight to The Caves at Soda Canyon

Afternoon Delight at The Caves at Soda Canyon

After a relaxing Napa Valley morning, head over to The Caves at Soda Canyon and taste some wine with us! Your visit will be filled with exciting twists and turns—and we don’t mean the metaphorical kind. Quite literally, you'll be guided through 18,000 square feet of underground wine cave, all whilst tasting through our luxurious portfolio of Patland Estate Vineyards wines. You’ll learn all about our family’s journey and come to understand just what makes our wines so unique! 

Of course, we won’t keep you in the cave the whole time! Just a short ride up and around the caves unveils one of the most breathtaking views Napa Valley has to offer. It’s the perfect spot for an aspiring wino to get oriented with Napa’s layout, and it makes for a pretty darn good photo-op too. If you thought it was hard getting out of bed at the Archer, just try walking away from this view with a glass of wine in hand. Yeah, it’s going to be hard, but that just means you’ll have to come back!

Evening Stroll in the Oxbow Public Market

Photo from

After a full afternoon of wine tasting, you may want to head back to your room for a quick power nap! Once you’ve recharged, we recommend that you head over to the Oxbow District and take a stroll through the Oxbow Public Market. It is a wonderful community gathering place where you will find a scenic outdoor deck with seating along the Napa River, a diverse mixture of local food vendors, artisan cafes and an organic produce outlet for local farms. With so many amazing shops, you never know what will catch your eye. The buzz and lively nature of the market will be the perfect energy boost to get you ready for your delicious steak dinner ahead. 

Nighttime Indulgence at Cordeiro's Steakhouse

Photo from

Although there are several steakhouses to choose from in Downtown Napa, going the extra distance for this one is well worth it. Cordeiro’s Steakhouse is a restaurant rooted in tradition. It boasts of class and romance, and they insist on using only the highest quality of ingredients. This is evident in every dish they offer, and obvious from the moment you take that first bite. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the valley, and it’s where we like to go to pop the cork on life’s special moments. We can’t think of a better place to wrap up your perfect day in wine country! 

Bonus: Just in case you’re already missing the taste of Patland wine, they carry our now very limited 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. Whether you order a ribeye or a filet mignon, this wine will make your meal!

That’s a Wrap!

Now that we’ve relieved the pressure of planning out your day in wine country, you have nothing left to do but book your trip and mark your calendar. To schedule a visit with us, please call 888.539.4717 ext. 1 or email We look forward to seeing you soon! Cheers! 


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