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September 12, 2011
Welcome to WineBoy! Lately I’ve come to notice something about French wineries in the Bordeaux region... there’s a lot of them! And to be perfectly honest, not all of them are great. Quality of wines changes with every year and new wineries arise. But I decided I’m going to stick to the good ones, the ones that really stand out to me. Today, it just so happens, I stumbled upon one of these unique wineries.
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September 5, 2011
Welcome to WineBoy! Not long ago, I was walking down the cobble-stone streets of Saint-Émilion. A few blocks into the old town, I saw a man waiting for me just outside of a garage. He introduced himself to me as Juan-Carlos and said we’d be starting the tour in just a moment. Out of nowhere, an old woman comes running up to us and hands him the key to the garage. After opening the lock, he turns back to introduce the woman as Murielle Andraud, the original proprietor of Chateau Valandraud. I was in shock, meanwhile, she greeted us with a smile, and left us to our tour.


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