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  The Coin

For many cultures, the fruit of the Pomegranate tree is considered to be a Good Luck symbol which represents prosperity and fertility. 

When Henry and Olga first visited the Terra Del Cuore property, they were amazed by the beauty of the grounds and pleasantly surprised to find so many pomegranate trees that reminded them of their native Ukraine, where it was one of the few available, and therefore highly desired fruits during the cold Fall season. 

While Michael Patland worked on the label design for Patland Estate Vineyard, the family decided to integrate the pomegranate fruit into their label, and began looking for a unique way to implement their idea. 

Then, in 2007, the same year as Patland's Inaugural Wine Release, Henry and Olga visited Jerusalem. 
There, while browsing through an antique coin store in the heart of the Old City, Henry found a silver coin, dated back to the 67 C.E. with a representation of a pomegranate on it. The location of where the coin was uncovered, led archeologists to believe that it was the entrance fee required by Romans from anyone wishing to visit the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem. 
Olga convinced Henry to purchase the coin as a memento of their wonderful trip and soon came up with the idea of embossing the image of the coin on the wine label and thus, connecting the Terra Del Cuore property with the Patland family heritage.