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Dzemal Emric Gallery


Autumn's Mood

Chosen Painting for Patland Cabernet Sauvignon

"I slip into Autumn's mood as I walk. The smell of damp Earth, the warm colors of fallen leaves, and the bland stretch of grey saturates my senses with this new feeling. Often I stop to soak in the scene- full of its richness--I'm content, happy. I think to myself, 'I will preserve this mood on my next canvas.'"

A Lilac in Bloom

Chosen Painting for Patland Rosé

"How magnificent the lilac is, strong in both beauty and effect. The faintest whiff of its fragrance submerges me in nostalgia. Memories and my creative spirit alike come rushing into view. While I paint my memory of the lilac, I feel myself as if in a garden, with lilacs suspended above."

Water, Earth, and Sky

Chosen Painting for Patland Pinot Noir

"We all know what water means for mankind and nature: Life. From a more picturesque angle, I would like to reflect on water's unwritten beauty and lure.
Often I sit by the water to observe it and a scene unfolds. Water streams through mountains under a blue sky. The longer I stare the more I feel the connection between man and nature. The feeling emerges from my heart and I have the need to translate it on to my canvas. I will never capture the exact colors; yet, the deeper I dive into the feeling the closer I get."

Sun and Earth

Chosen Painting for Patland Port

"I watch the sun sink below the horizon. Such beauty seems unreal. I then think about the prowess of this planet and the crimes of mankind. She, Earth, is as mesmerizing as she is menacing. These events we call catastrophes- are they warnings? That Mother Earth could do much worse, or punishments for our harm to her already? I believe mankind is an important link on the chain that is the circle of life--nature as we know it. I believe we are the weakest link despite all we've accomplished. Someday I fear that the chain will break at our particular link."


Chosen Painting for Patland Malbec

"There's a moment between an exposure to nature's wonder to the actuality of daily life where I'm restless. I'm anxious to get to my canvas. It's a risk, a moment on the edge between manifestation and oblivion, rushing home with a charge of inspiration to deliver it to my canvas before I lose the feeling."

In Blossom

Chosen Painting for Patland Syrah

"The day warms as the sky clears. Nature awakes from under Winter's blanket. Everywhere colors and aromas blossom--Spring's palette--my creative spirit lifts. The canvas in front of me is waiting to tell my story. Life is full of hope with this unwritten energy."

Fall's Wealth

Chosen Painting for Patland Proprietary Red Wine

"Suspended at the season's cusp, I find harmony. The careful hand off of Fall to Winter. Despite the air's crisp chill and the many fallen leaves, Fall clings to color. Trees display the last traces of warmth on thin branches. And for a day or two more the sky is great with blue."