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Michael Patland
November 7, 2019 | Michael Patland

Our Turn to Give Back

We absolutely love the Fall season. It’s just an undeniably beautiful time of year. The leaves on the grapevines adopt beautiful orange and red colors, and soon the wind picks them off and casts them about decorating everything underfoot.

At the same time, the weather gets a bit cooler. Suddenly you have the perfect excuse to dig out your favorite sweater and cozy up on the couch.

Maybe the best part, though, is the theme of giving that seeps into your every day. Communities remember each other and band together to help those in need. They gather food, donate time and raise money in the hopes of lifting up those that have stumbled or been displaced.

Give Thanks

In 2017, we were those people. Our family winery had been ravaged by the Atlas Fires, and since we were living at the vineyard estate, we lost our home. As the years go by, the trauma of it fades and we’re left remembering the silver linings. Among the brightest of those linings was that theme of giving. Our community, friends, and family all came together in the most selfless ways to help us. Restaurants downtown fed us free of charge. Local church groups bought and donated everything from toilet paper to new pillows. Friends opened their homes for us to sleep in. Nearby wineries offered for us to host our guests on their properties. It was kindness like we had never experienced before.

Giving Back

As we write this now, there’s a faint hint of smoke in the air. It’s been a persistent reminder this week that there are others now facing what we went through just a few years ago and we want to support our community just as they supported us. We are grateful that Napa Valley was largely spared this season, but our friends in Sonoma were not so lucky.

Throughout the month of November, Patland Estate Vineyards will be donating 15% of all online sales to United Way’s Kincade Fire Emergency Relief & Recovery Fund. Please join us in supporting our community and promoting the welfare of California wine country.



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