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Michael Patland
September 11, 2018 | Michael Patland

Patland Wine at Auction

As an avid car enthusiast and collector, our founder Henry Patland has been a longtime member of the Ferrari Owner's Group (FOG). Every year the organization puts on a rally which involves a gala and auction. All the money that is raised at these events goes directly to benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year, Henry and Olga donated a Jeroboam of 2013 "Select Barrel Reserve" Cabernet Sauvignon that was inscribed by their son Michael. The inscription tells the story of the family's experience during the 2017 North Bay Fires. It also so happens that this bottle is one of the few that survived that fire, nestled away safely in the back of the cave at the Patland estate. Here is a brief look at Henry Patland speaking about this unique bottle at the event.


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